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June 2, 2009, 11:07 am
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Zurich’s finest, Mr. Pascal Grob has given us the pleasure of an interview. Pascal is a 20 yr. old student and blogger from Zurich, Switzerland with an amazing fashion blog and style. I recently had the priveledge to conduct an interview with Pascal and got to tap into his fashion conscious brain. And no, I don’t just love him because we share similar Ray Bans!

Q: How would you sum up your style in one word?
A: Preppy-casual – I hope that goes as one word.
Q: Do you think it helps or huts your style living in Zurich?
A: It doesn’t help me much to live in Zurich, because the people here aren’t really fashion forward.  I’m getting most of my inspiration from fashion blogs and fashion sites. Sometimes, I even notice how some people are laughing/giggling or staring at me, when I’m wearing something “unusual” like a silk scarf tied together under the collar of my white shirt (for me, there exists nothing unusual in fashion) – but that happens very rarely. The good thing about Zurich is, that we have all those premium brand stores in town (Chanel, Burberry, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton etc.), so I actually have the possibility to just go into the store and check out the current collections. I like seeing those beautiful garments and it’s also an inspiration to me to see them. But in the end, with all those fashion blogs, it doesn’t really matter anymore where you live, since you can get all the inspiration from the web, if you’re not afraid of people’s reactions in your town.
Q: What do you like the most about living in Zurich, from a fashion point of view?
A: All the premium designer stores in Zurich.
Q: If you didn’t live in Switzerland, where would could you see yourself living?
A: Probably Paris. I’ve been to Paris several times now and I just love being in that city. I love the people there, the way they carry themselves on the street and their mentality, all those art exhibitions (wish we had that many in Zurich), the food and the city itself. But I can’t say that for sure, since I’ve yet to travel other big cities like New York, Stockholm and Copenhagen.
Q: What is your favorite fabric to wear?
A: High-quality cotton, it’s in most garments anyway.
Q: When out shopping for a new piece, do you always have the big picture in mind? Or do you just impulse buy because it’s such an amazing piece!
A: Mostly, I’m always thinking of how I could combine that new piece and then I’m deciding whether I should buy it or not. I rarely buy anything impulsive, since I’ve already done that and ended up never wearing it.
Q: Your wardrobe seems to evolve day to day effortlessly. Do you really think a lot about each outfit you wear everyday or do you just throw things together?
A: Depends. Most of the times the single pieces just fit together and become an outfit. I’m mostly buying classic colours (grey, white, black, navy), that I can combine with many other pieces in my wardrobe.
Q: Favorite designer?
A: Karl Lagerfeld and Alber Elbaz, although I’m not having that much knowledge about all the designers out there and their clothes.
Q: Favorite piece you own?
A: Definitely my navy burberry raincoat.
Q: Favorite color to wear?
A: Navy
Q: Favorite Band/Musician?
A: Justice and Soulwax but then again, I can’t really tell, since I’m listening almost anything except Metal/Death Metal – you get me 😉
Q: Favorite film?
A: Lost in Translation and Pulp Fiction
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