Photoshop Holga by Meg
April 22, 2009, 9:55 pm
Filed under: ETC, photo


Today I was reeeaallllyy wishing I had a holga camera. I decided to take a self portrait and see if I couldn’t try and make the “holga effect” in photoshop. Did I do it right? I don’t know. Would this have fooled you?


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Heh…nah, the only way to achieve a Holga effect is with a Holga. The insane plastic lense is the secret, no digital camera can come close when you combine natural chemical reactions on the film with a plastic lense. You can combine single exposures from a Holga and get a convincing double exposure effect, but it’s tough to try and simulate the effect from a crisp digi photo in Ps.

I’ve been doing a lot of shooting recently, it goes on my flickr acct ( ). You should totally indulge and get one already!

Comment by Alex / HeadUp

!hah! yeah the smudges are too fake and obvious & done too evenly , , , i’ve got a diana f+ and the quirky effects come out great. you should get one colonclosebracket !

Comment by Ariven

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